Postgres on Kubernetes Hands-On-Lab

Data on Kubernetes

Jun 30, 2021, 4:00 – 6:00 PM

Virtual event

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From 0 to 60/100 (depending on where you live) in just 2h! It may sound "slow" if you talk about cars, but when you talk about databases in general and Postgres in particular, it isn't! From an empty Kubernetes cluster, you will leave the session with one or more Postgres clusters created, all with: high availability and automatic failover; automated backups with lifecycle; distributed logs with lifecycle; Web Console to manage it all; connection pooling; tuned Postgres and connection pool configurations; and any number of installed Postgres extensions. All this in just a single session! BYOK (Bring Your Own Kubernetes): come prepared to the session with a Kubernetes cluster, and ready to create YAMLs and deploy via GitOps; and to do the same using the Web Console, for point-and-click lovers. And learn how to automate Postgres Day2 operations! This session is a tutorial on production quality Postgres clusters based on the open source platform. Go from Zero to Postgres Hero in just one Hands-on-Lab!


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