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Kubernetes Community Days are regional events that bring together hundreds of IT executives, cloud operators and technology providers to discuss cloud computing and to learn about Kubernetes. These annual events are supported by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and are organized by a community of local Kubernetes user groups and supporting companies.

KCD Pakistan is aimed at developers, operations people, and all other IT professionals with an interest in cloud-native technologies.

We will focus on creating lasting value for the community and for the community. We'll increase diversity and inclusion by adopting a strict code of conduct to eliminate any discrimination and provide a harassment-free environment.

We will prioritize talks that are technically competent, relevant to the larger community, and coming from end-user rather than vendors, to ensure the highest possible quality of sessions and an interesting event for the majority of attendees.

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Kubernetes Community Days Pakistan 2023


Saim Safder

DevOps Engineer

Bart Farrell

Community Builder
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