Dok Talks #119 - Cloud-Native Data Pipelines

Data on Kubernetes
Thu, Mar 3, 2022, 9:00 AM (PST)

About this event


This talk walks you through our stack, architecture, and processes. We develop tools to deploy and run data-driven applications in a cloud-native environment. We will give a whirlwind tour on developing a Java Quarkus application, a CICD stack powered by GitHub Actions / ArgoCD, building and deploying containerized Kafka Streams applications at runtime with Jib container builder. Having introduced the above common understanding, we will give a high-level overview of how we utilize modern Kubernetes and Cloud tooling to manage multiple clusters in different organizations together with our customers.


DataCater commoditizes data pipeline development lifecycle by applying software engineering and cloud native practices to data work. Hakan is a Software / Data Engineer and CTO of DataCater. He worked and built his knowledge around Software, Data Engineering, and Cloud-Native Computing in severely different environments. From early start-up to hyper-scaler AWS. From sports media companies to highly regulated FSI enterprises. The experiences gained, problems encountered, and solutions found led to him co-founding DataCater to enhance tooling in the Data space.