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The Association for the Promotion of Cloud Native Technologies in Slovakia has been organizing its meetups every month for more than three years. We have organized more than 34 of them. We have decided to continue our activities in a higher form of a multi-day conference.

The website of our association has more than 360 members. More than 50 people usually attend our meetups, and the most watched meetups had more than 100 people. We post videos of each meetup on YouTube to give attendees the best possible experience and to allow them to revisit the topic. Behind the association are professionals with a wealth of experience in the IT industry.

Conference intentions

  • Promoting sustainable ecosystems for Cloud Native software
  • Promotion of Cloud Native ideas, projects and software
  • Meeting people interested in modern IT technologies
  • Communicating about topics such as Kubernetes, DevOps, CloudOps, NetDevOps, SecDevOps, Infrastructure as a code, cloud development, community culture

Who the conference is for

The event is for all architects, CTOs, IT managers, developers, DevOps, administrators, SREs, students and anyone interested in learning more about the fundamentals of Cloud Native technologies, the individual CNCF projects presented, and the in-depth skills and architecture presented. There will be discussions with professionals and users, and participants will learn about DevOps culture and can join a large Slovak and Czech community with global reach.

Conference rules

The conference will be open to all people regardless of their religion, race, orientation, age or gender. This is also the basic premise of the CNCF parent foundation. All organizers must complete an online Inclusion, Discrimination and Equality course and an interview with members of the organizing team. These are the basic principles that underpin the entire foundation and our association.

To encourage the participation of women in IT, we have a policy that at least one female presenter will speak each day during the conference and in each of the two concurrent program units.

Thematic focus

Papers will be identified in the program as either managerial or professional. In the managerial paper, we will in particular highlight the advantages of using and organizing a modern IT department also with particular examples of live operations.

In the professional program unit, selected topics for IT professionals with experience will be addressed in detail and in-depth, for example, areas such as Service mesh, Service proxy, Serverless, Observability and Analysis, etc.

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